5 Mobile Apps to Ramp Up Your Fitness Goals

A quarter of the year has already passed and have you already given up on your New Year’s Resolution of getting fit and healthy?

You’re not alone – a whopping 92% of people drop their resolutions and go back to their old eating habits, never to exercise again.

Instead of looking at this as a failure, look at this as a chance to ramp up your fitness goals. Summer is a long time away so now is the perfect time to adopt a healthy lifestyle with fitness in mind. With your smartphone, it’s easier now than ever to stay healthy and on track.

Here are 5 awesome fitness tracking apps to make your goals easier to attain and encourage you along the way.

1. MyFitnessPal

Price: Free

Platform: iOS, Android

Changing the way you eat and adding more exercise to your day is a challenge when you’re doing it alone. Well, with the MyFitnessPal app, you’ll have help and motivation every day.

With over 5 million foods in their database, this app is a calorie and macronutrient counter that tracks your diet and exercise in as little as 5 minutes per day.

It’s simple to use – once you fill out your bio, MyFitnessPal creates a personalized diet and exercise plan that’s unique to you. Share your progress with your friends and encourage each other on your fitness goals.

2. Fooducate

Price: Free with in-app purchases ranging from $1.99- $14.99

Platform: iOS, Android

Ever gone grocery shopping and couldn’t decide which box of cereal is healthier or which snack is better?

With the Fooducate app, you can quickly scan a food product and receive a nutritional grade ranging from A, optimally healthy, to D, overly-processed. It will then help you find a better food item to choose from.

Fooducate helps you eat real food by being the first app to look beyond the calorie. After scanning your food product, it lets you know the nutritional makeup of the item by including information on:

Fooducate is also a great community to join so you can collaborate with other people on your fitness goals.

3. Hot5 Fitness

Price: Free or $2.99/month for unlimited access

Platform: iOS

Do you wish you had a personal trainer to coach you and help you lose weight? Well, with Hot5 Fitness, you don’t have to wish anymore.

This app features a workout routine delivered to you by the best fitness trainers around. There are plenty of exercises to choose from ranging from beginner to expert. Get your heart pumping with some cardio or strengthen your core with yoga stretches.

This app is versatile and can be used as your core workout routine or as a supplement to your fitness plan.

4. HealthyOut

Price: Free

Platform: iOS, Android

Being on a diet doesn’t mean you have to stay at home for every meal. With HealthyOut, you can bring your diet to the restaurants.

With this app you simply put in your restrictions (gluten sensitive, low carb, Vegetarian etc…) and HealthyOut will give you restaurant meals in your target location that fit your restrictions.

You can even filter by cuisine, ingredients and type of dish. HealthyOut’s recommended dishes are half the calories and half the fat when compared to a typical restaurant meal.

Currently this app is only available in the U.S.

5. JEFit

Price: Free

Platform: iOS, Android

If you’re looking for some great bodybuilding exercises, or just to get motivated to get back in the gym, JEFit is for you.

This app is one of the best fitness, bodybuilding and workout trainer apps for anyone serious about health and fitness.

There are over 1300 exercises, complete with descriptions and animations. With this app, you have the ability to customize your workout routine and daily fitness plans. Track your progress and share your accomplishments with their online community.

Are You On Your Way to Your Fitness Goals?

Living a healthy lifestyle can be tough when your friends and family aren’t on board. But, with your smartphone, you can have a personal assistant and a network of people help you reach your fitness goals easily.

Tell us, what app do you want to try out to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle?

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