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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mealprep?

Mealpreps keep you from having to eat out as much, or making unhealthy choices when eating out. Mealpreps also help you eat consistently throughout the day so your body is always fueled and your metabolism stays healthy.

Does eating healthy have to be expensive?

Eating healthy does cost more. But many people will pay the price when they sacrifice eating healthy. Healthy food restores your health and vitality. When people eat unhealthy, they pay the price later for doctor’s visits, prescription drugs, surgeries, missed time from work, early retirement and nursing home care.

How do I heat my meals?

Your mealpreps are already cooked and conveniently packaged in microwave-safe and oven-safe containers, all you need to do is heat and eat. To heat your meals, peel a corner of the meal’s film and microwave for 2 minutes or until hot (or 4 minutes if frozen). You may also heat your meals in the oven, simply peel the entire lid and heat at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes or until hot. For best results, we recommend heating your meals from refrigeration.

How do I know when to eat which meal?

Each meal we produce comes with the full macro-nutrient info with the specific ingredients displayed clearly on each package. You should be consuming mealpreps every 3-4 hours depending on your goals.

How will my meals be delivered?

Your meals are packaged in recyclable packaging and are delivered as a whole package in a insulated tote bag with ice packs.

What if I reside in a gated community?

If you reside in a gated community, please advise the security guards to allow deliveries from “3macros” and let us know of any special instructions, gate codes or access routes within your Order Notes when placing your order.

Do you have a Nutritional Facts table?

Yes, you can find the nutritional details of each meal at

How to I store my meals after I receive them?

We recommend that you refrigerate your meals if you plan to consume them in the same week. You could also freeze your meals if you plan to store them longer than a week.

How does 3macros work?

3macros is a meal delivery service. Simply order online at, pick your meals and schedule your delivery. We cook and prepare your meals in a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen and deliver them based on the schedule that you select during checkout. If you’re not home when we deliver, we will leave your meals at the delivery address that you selected in an insulated totebag with icepacks. Your meals will remain at safe temperatures within the duration of your timeslot. Once you receive your meals, refrigerate or freeze them. When you are ready to eat a meal, simply follow the heating instructions and enjoy.

When will you have new dishes? How often does your menu change?

Our team of experienced chefs release new dishes on a seasonal 3-4 month cycle to take advantage of seasonal ingredients. We also offer a weekly chef’s special at

Can you write gift messages onto the meals or orders?

Yes, the gift of meals to friends and family is encouraged and very thoughtful! Simply send us an email at or add your message into your Order Notes when placing your order and we will hand-write your message to the recipient.

Do you offer giftcards?

Yes, our giftcards are electronic giftcards that are sent instantly via email (sorry we do not offer physically printed giftcards). Simply visit, pick a giftcard and during checkout choose to send the giftcard to yourself or to another recipient.

When are your meals cooked?

Our meals are cooked fresh one to two days before delivery.


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