Finding convenient ways to eat healthy in today’s busy world

One of the biggest problems in modern society is that we simply don’t have enough hours in the day.

Whether you’re a busy professional who can’t waste a single second of your day or a mom trying to find 5 minutes between diaper changes and feeds, it can be really difficult to find the time to prepare and eat a healthy meal.

In fact, between work, the kids and finding time to do everything in between, eating a healthy meal can feel like a luxury!

It is often standard practice in the office to work through lunch and not stop for hours even for a snack. This can not only affect your health but also your focus, concentration and work performance.

However, there are few things you can do that can help ensure you stay healthy and powered throughout the day.

Finding convenient ways to eat healthy in today’s busy world is important as even small changes can positively impact your energy levels and of course make a difference to your overall health.

#1 – Make Time for Breakfast

‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ – said every mom, ever.

It sounds cliche but it’s true. Skipping your morning meal has been linked to higher risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

If you’re rushing out to a morning meeting, the last thing on your mind is making a stop in the kitchen for a full continental breakfast feast.

But making time for at least a quick breakfast can fend off morning moodiness (your colleagues will thank you for this) and improve your energy and focus throughout the morning.

A great tip is not to underestimate the power of your freezer! I regularly freeze fresh ingredients such as bananas and berries, then simply throw them in a food processor first thing in the morning and you’ve got a thick and healthy breakfast shake that you can drink on the go.

This way breakfast can be prepared quickly, consumed on the move and you don’t have to miss out on the early morning benefits.

#2 – Don’t Keep Junk Food At Home or In The Office

Although in today’s busy world convenience is key, we don’t want the wrong kind of fast food.

Having junk food easily accessible and makes it all too easy to reach for something full of fat, sugar and sodium instead of a healthy, balanced meal.

For me personally, if I have a pint of mint choc-chip or a packet of chips nearby, there is no telling what will happen. Maybe I will be able to just have a quarter or half, but honestly, 9 times out of 10, the entire thing will go in one sitting.

Not having those types of food handy becomes the go-to choice and will only hinder your performance and zap your energy levels further.

#3 – Make Healthy Snacks a Habit

If you’re in the office and don’t have anything around to snack on, chances are you are going to be fighting hunger pangs for hours on end or worse, head down the hall and hit a vending machine.

Try investing in some healthy snacks like boxes of raisins, bags of carrot sticks and so on that you can keep handy.

#4 – Save Time and Make it Convenient

Chances are, if you’re incredibly busy taking hours out of your day to go grocery shopping is a luxury you just don’t have time for.

One great way to save time and ensure you eat healthy is with 3macros. We prepare fresh and healthy meals and deliver the meals directly to your door.

We have a wide menu to choose from and can cater specifically to your life and health goals. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or add muscle, our portion controlled meals are handmade by real chefs with the best quality, fresh ingredients. We even measure your macronutrients depending on your goals and display them on each meal.

Suitable for everyone, our meals are low sodium with no refined sugars or artificial ingredients and we even offer vegan and gluten free options. Best of all, everything is delivered to your door, you simply heat it up and enjoy.

This is a great way to ensure you are getting all the nutrition you need and eating a healthy and balanced diet without all of the hassle. Of course, making healthy delicious meals takes time, but this way, it doesn’t have to be your time!